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02 / 05

Our Fund StatusGrow Together with KTB Network.

  • Funds exited
  • Capital Raised(Unit : USD Billion)
  • Total Paid Out(Unit : USD Billion)
  • IRR(Unit : %)
Documentation Criteria 도움말 Documentation Criteria - The present 2020.12.31
- Fully liquidated fund since Jan, 2000
- IRR : Include Performance Remuneration,   Weighted average return on payments

Our PhilosophyWe pursue stable and long-term performance

Compliance, Active Value Creation, Alignment of Interest

Operating Philosophy

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  • Alignment of InterestWe align our partners towards a common goal
  • Active Value CreationWe support our portfolio companies through value-creating activities to achieve sustainable growth, the companies’ success and attaining returns
  • ComplianceWe actively maintain our compliance system to control operational risk and prevent moral hazard

Our team works with you
to ensure successful

Who We Are

Meet Our PartnersWe will be your most reliable partner in investment.

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