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About KTB Group

Complete your success story with KTB Group

Growing with our Clients

Originally founded in 1981 as Korea Technology Development Company, a government-funded investment vehicle specializing
in technology-related investment opportunities, KTB Financial Group(“KTB”) has since grown into a comprehensive financial
group offering a wide range of financial services, including securities, asset management, venture capital and private equity.
We, KTB, also have expanded our global network by actively entering overseas markets includes the United States, China and Thailand.

  1. 1981
    1. 1981. 05

      Established Korea Technology Development Company

  2. 1999
    1. 1999. 09

      Established KTB Asset Management

  3. 2000
    1. 2000. 12

      Established KTB Ventures (U.S. entity)

  4. 2008
    1. 2008. 06

      Established KTB Network (Venture Capital)

    2. 2008. 07
      • Established KTB Securities Thailand
      • Established KTB Investment & Securities
  5. 2012
    1. 2012. 04

      Established KTB Private Equity
      (Spin-off from KTB Investment & Securities PE Division)

  6. 2019
    1. 2019. 07

      Established KTB New York

KTB Subsidiaries
  • KTB Investment & Securities

    Originally founded in 1981 as Korea Technology Development Company, a government-funded investment vehicle specializing in technology-related investment opportunities, KTB Investment&Securities("KTB") has since grown into a comprehensive securities company offering a wide range of financial products and services including investment banking, institutional brokerage and individual wealth management.
    KTB's professional have long played leading role professionals in the structured finance market, with strong expertise in a wide range of alternative investment products, including real estate / SOC, aircraft and ship financing and renewable energy.
    KTB holds KTB Asset Management, KTB Network(Venture Capital), KTB Private Equity, KTB Credit Service as its wholly owned subsidiaries.

  • KTB Asset Management

    As of the end of 2020, its assets under management (AUM) reached USD 11.6 billion*. In particular, the company has distinguished itself in new business development, with successful launches of Multi-Asset Department and Alternative Investment Division in 2016. By launching and operating a number of successful public funds, such as First Class Stock Fund(Industry 4.0/China/ESG), Multi-Asset Income EMP, and Block-Deal High-Yield Fund, KTB Asset Management continues to play a leading role in the market, and is expanding its unique portfolio of medium-risk and medium-return products such as NPL, and the asset allocation fund.
    The Alternative Investment Division has focused on expanding various investment assets and areas and succeeded in establishing all businesses sectors not only as domestic and foreign real estate but also as aircraft, ships, and infrastructure. It is operating USD 3.2 billion-worth of alternative investments as of the end of 2020.

  • KTB Network

    KTB Network is Korea's leading venture capital company with the longest history and investment track record. As of the end of 2020, its assets under management (AUM) reached USD 1.1 billion, and the size of newly formed fund last year was about USD 0.3 billion based on the commitment.
    KTB Network was ranked first in VC investment performance in 2017*.
    KTB Network became the first Korean venture capital firm to participate in the Chinese venture capital market, making its initial investment in China as early as the year 2000.
    KTB Network has taken advantage of its "First Mover" status in China, generating consistent investment results year after year.
    It has ranked among top 50 venture capital firms in China for nine years in a row.
    Furthermore, it boasts a wide-ranging global investment track record and strong network in the US, Japan and Southeast Asia.

    * Source : Korean Venture Capital Association(Including PEF)

  • KTB Private Equity

    KTB Private Equity ("KTB PE") was spun off from KTB Investment & Securities in 2012 to become an independent corporate entity serving the growing private equity market in Korea.
    KTB PE has a cumulative AUM of USD 1.8 billion and has achieved excellent investment results in a variety of industries by enhancing corporate value through proactive management participation and a buy-out-centered investment philosophy. Its key investments-to-date include Junjin Heavy Industry, Dongbu Express, JW Pharmaceutical, LIG Nex1, Nature Republic, Leenos, Toptec and more.

  • KTB Credit Service

    KTB Credit Service ("KTB Credit"), which first began as Nara Credit Service in 1999, became an affiliate of KTB Investment & Securities in 2001.
    Services provided by KTB Credit include debt collection, credit investigation, issuance of civil affair documents and real estate management.
    KTB Credit has been a clear market leader in the field of debt collection and related information services, as seen in its role as the primary debt collection agency for the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation for nearly 20 years.

    * Served as the debt collector for the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation from 2001 to Mar. 2021

  • KTB ST

    Acquired by KTB Investment & Securities in August 2008, KTB Securities Thailand("KTB ST") is a securities company based in Thailand.
    Recent expansion efforts in Wealth Management, ECM, DCM and Investment Banking business lines have bolstered asset management capabilities KTB ST, transforming the company into a comprehensive securities company offering a complete range of financial products.
    KTB ST has continued to expand its footprint as the only Korean financial investment company in Thailand. At the end of 2019, KTB ST has been changed a holding company that has securities, asset management and Reits management subsidiaries.

  • KTB ventures

    KTB Ventures, KTB’s first overseas subsidiary, was established in Palo Alto, California, the heart of American Silicone Valley in June 1988.
    KTB Ventures has an accumulated investment record worth USD 100 million. Working closely with KTB Network, KTB Ventures has recently ramped up its efforts to identify early-stage investment opportunities in North America.